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About Island Wine Group

Most small- to mid-sized wineries, or those of you located in other parts of the world, are stretched thin. There simply isn't enough time to devote to the myriad of factors that make market growth a reality-and there doesn't have to be. I wanted to help wineries who lack the resources to do it themselves. Just as importantly, I wanted to work with people with a passion for wine, help them build their businesses, and have fun doing it together. It is rewarding to help a winery meet its business goals amidst the pressures of the craft and the work that is the wine industry.

Put simply, this is the inspiration for Island Wine Group.

Why Use Island Wine Group?
Here is a simple litmus test: as you look back on the last twelve months are you frustrated by the amount of time spent trying to increase distribution? Amazed by how many samples you had to send out? Exasperated by the number of phone calls or visits it took to have someone consider your product?

Do you have the time to personally visit Washington and Oregon and Alaska-not to mention Colorado or Ohio or Florida-so you can ensure that the distributor you appointed in 2003 has moved product for you and isn't sitting on old vintages? Are you confident that the sales people know your winery's story and products and are actively promoting them?

Your Man In The Market
I can be your man in the market-be it in the Northwest, working with your distributors, conducting key account calls and tastings, increasing your sales and exposure; or managing distributors across the country that are best suited to your brand. I can also create a market growth strategy for you, complete with goals and objectives and real-time analysis of what is and isn't working. My years of experience managing and introducing new brands to market translates into targeted sales and marketing plans that support your growth, pricing determination that doesn't involve dice and effective promotion strategies. .

The Result: Increased Exposure, Contacts, Personal Attention
And obviously, more sales.

About Founder Tom Samuelson

How We Work
Engagements vary from one-time projects to on-going consulting on a retainer basis to a sales-based commission structure-on a regional (the Pacific Northwest) or national basis. I will design a custom contract for you that best fits your needs.

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About Us